Restorative Dental Care


Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used when a tooth has been weakened or damaged either through tooth decay or trauma to the tooth

Fillings are used to strengthen and restore the structure, function and often the appearance of a damaged tooth.

If you require a filling

Your dentist will

  1. Thoroughly check the affected tooth (usually as part of a comprehensive dental examination)

  2. Will advise you as to the best treatment option for the tooth based on the size and depth of the filling needed as well as the location of the tooth

  3. Your dentist will then carefully prepare the tooth, clean away any decay on or inside the tooth to ensure a clean smooth surface for the filling material to cling to

  4. Depending on the material used for the filling, the filling may then be chemically hardened using a special light curing process

Once the filling has been placed, the tooth is then polished for a natural finish and feel on the tooth

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